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Central and South American coffees

  • Marcos Antonio de Freitas' family bought their first hectare in Santa Vargem in 1963. Marcos earned a degree in agronomics in 1984 and moved to Perdões, intending to grow the family business. Today, he cultivates 225 hectares of coffee. Anarobic processing minimizes oxygen during fermentation for a sweeter cup.
    Owner Marcos Antonio de Freitas watched his family farm grow up alongside him. His family purchased their first hectare in Santa Vargem in 1963 and began planting coffee. Marcos and his family were involved in every aspect...
  • Decaffeinated Colombia Valle del Cauca
    Located in a biological Conservation Corridor, Valle del Cauca lies between the National Park of Tatama and "serrania de los paraguas". Some years ago, this region was identified by Conservation International as one of the...
  • Nicaragua El Cipres Perfectionista Lot
    Yader and Karen's El Cipres farm is located in one of the best coffee cultivating regions of Jinotega in a very unique microclimate. The coffee here grows at such a high altitude, that it's harvested an entire two months...
  • Nicaragua Mercedes Fruit Symphony Lot
    Roger and his wife Isabel could talk with you about coffee for days. Don Roger has a degree in agronomy and loves sharing technical knowledge and tips with visiting roasters. Their Tropical...

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