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Choose from our wide selections of offerings from around the globe.

  • Brazil Fazenda do Salto
    Dr. Fabio Araujo Reis works with his two sons and daughter to run their family farm, Fazenda do Salto, in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil. Fabio's sons, Andre and Juca, work with 35 employees on the estate, many of whom...
  • Colombia La Yalena
    Situated inside of Colombia's famed "Coffee Triangle", the Antioquia region produces some of the finest beans in the world. However, the prolific production of coffee in this region make it difficult for micro-lots, like La...
  • Ethiopia Hambela Estate
    The piece of land bordering the Sidamo and Harrar growing regions where Hambela Estate now operates was awarded to Muluemebet Emiru by the emperor of Ethiopia. She became the first African female pilot in 1934 and when...
  • Ethiopia Sidama Guji
    The road south out of Addis Ababa leads straight to coffee country. The new highway toll road makes travel to the lowlands quicker than ever, but the pace slows down when the road starts to climb into the mountains. At...
  • Guatemala Anexo Portal
    Nestled within the world-renowned growing region of Antigua, the village of San Lorenzo El Cubo is home to Anexo Portal, a farm recently acquired by its neighbor estate, Finca Medina. Though Anexo Portal is run as a separate...
  • Nicaragua La Fuente
    Sabino and his wife, Maria Jesús, live in a small village of farmers who produce both coffee and vegetables at the highest altitudes of Jinotega. When you visit their farm you may still see Sabino using two oxen to...
  • Nicaragua La Fuente Natural Process
  • Papua New Guinea Kiam Mill
    Kiam Mill is very selective, only purchasing ripe ‘picked on the day’ cherry. All the cherry is pulped, washed, soaked and sun dried to 11 percent moisture content. The coffee is then stored as parchment for...
  • Peru Capili
    Coffee producers in Santo Domingo de la Capilla are very serious about picking only the ripest cherries, so it can take up to five pickings to fully harvest. After each picking, the cherry is pulped immediately and the...
  • Tanzania Kilimanjaro
    With volcanic soil, indigenous shade trees and glacier-fed rivers, Mount Kilimanjaro Estate thrives at itsideal location on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The farm has a keen focus on the health of its coffees, but also...

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