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Choose from our wide selections of offerings from around the globe.

  • Bali Blue Moon
    Among the archipelago nation of Indonesia lies its hidden Jewel, the island of Bali. The eruption of the Gunung Agung Volcano in 1963 caused a delay in the progress of modern day coffee cultivation on Bali. In response to...
  • Brazil Cerrado
    Cerrado is a region in the state of Minas Gerais, which is now the largest coffee-producing state in Brazil. Coffee has been a major crop in this region since the 1980’s mainly because of the devastating black frost of...
  • Colombia Guatavita
    The Guatavita farm is owned by Eduardo Lizcano and it is part of the Aprocoagrosh association in La Plata, Huila and is located in the sub-municipality of San Francisco Alto. The farm is named Guatavita after another...
  • Costa Rica San Diego
    Gathered from farms in the famed Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, this lot was grown in an area that has a reputation for producing some of the world's best coffees. Beneficio San Diego is the mill that oversaw the careful...
  • Decaffeinated Colombia Dulima
    Colombia Dulima is an Olam Specialty Coffee premium brand. Dulima is a fully washed, Excelso EP grade coffee. 50% of each lot is guaranteed screen 17/18 or up. The coffee is sourced from the Tolima and Huila regions. Dulima...
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi
    Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi is a bean that is dry processed under careful care of the exporter. After being hand picked, it's dried on raised beds in the sunlight for three weeks while careful sorting of the under-ripe cherry is...
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere
    This coffee is collected from small farms near the town of Kochere, sitting on the border of Yirgacheffe and Southern Oromia. This lot, labeled YirgZ to denote zero defects, is made possible through...
  • Honduras El Lesquin
    The Romero brothers, Walter and Sergio, are from a third generation coffee producing family. After inheriting the techniques and passion necessary to produce fine quality coffee from their father, they now work the land...
  • Nicaragua Diamante Yellows
    Don Francisco and his wife Bianca Nieve (yes, Snow White) live very high up in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. Their farm, El Diamante (The Diamond), produces exceptional coffee that is grown in its natural, forest...
  • Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate Peaberry
    The Kimel plantation is located near the Wahgi Valley of New Guinea’s Western Highlands and was established in 1974 by Australian Bobby Gibbs. The 620 hectares farm is now cooperatively owned by the region’s...
  • Sumatra Aek Nauli
    This offering comes from the South Lake Toba area in North Sumatra, a region that sits at 1440-1500 meters above sea level and claims the highest coffee growing altitudes in the province. Our importer works with six...
  • Zambia Mafinga Hills
    This grade AAA/AA lot is Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified and is gathered from two Zambian estates that are owned and operated by its importer, Olam Specialty Coffee. Both estates are situated in the Mafinga Hills...

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