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Choose from our wide selections of offerings from around the globe.

  • Brazil Sul de Minas
  • Colombia La Candela
    Finca la Candela belongs to the Lotero Cano Family. They are a third generation of coffee farmers living in La Loma Del Guamo village in Titiribí town in Antioquia.  Alberto Lotero, the father, bought a big...
  • Costa Rica Carrizal
  • Decaffeinated Ethiopia Guji
    The road south out of Addis Ababa leads straight to coffee country. The new highway toll road makes travel to the lowlands quicker than ever, but the pace slows down when the road starts to climb into the mountains. At...
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi
    Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi is a bean that is dry processed under careful care of the exporter. After being hand picked, it's dried on raised beds in the sunlight for three weeks while careful sorting of the under-ripe cherry is...
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere
    This coffee is collected from small farms near the town of Kochere, sitting on the border of Yirgacheffe and Southern Oromia. 
  • Guatemala Laurina
    Nestled between Guatemala's tallest volcanoes, Tajumulco and Tacana, the coffee trees at Finca Nueva Granada sit high on mountainous slopes in soil made rich by volcanic ash. Seasonal workers strap wicker baskets to their...
  • Honduras El Conejo
    Fifth generation coffee farmers Joel and Delmer are two young entrepreneurs who were given a plot of land by Joel's father (Joel Banegas Sr. of Finca Mira Flores) to start growing coffee. Delmer took full responsibility for...
  • Honduras Misterio
    Oswald Sorto's Finca El Misterio is one of the newest coffee farms in the central municipality of el Playon, Comayagua and also one of the only farms in Honduras to produce typica, pacamara and yellow catuai varieties. The...
  • Nicaragua Las Nubes
    The farms of the Las Nubes (the Clouds) community dot the border between Matagalpa and Jinotega, high up into the mountains, and many miles from the nearest town. Because of the rural location, many of the farms in the area...
  • Sumatra Tanah Karo
    Drawn from villages in the Aceh province near Takengon at the northern tip of Sumatra, this offering stands out from many others grown in the region. Coffees from this part of the world are usually known for their...
  • Tanzania Kilimanjaro
    With volcanic soil, indigenous shade trees and glacier-fed rivers, Mount Kilimanjaro Estate thrives at itsideal location on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The farm has a keen focus on the health of its coffees, but also...

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