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What Makes Qualia Unique

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There are several key components to providing our customers the level of quality to which they have become accustomed. However, much of that process is as invisible to the customer as it is integral to producing a unique experience.

In previous posts, we have described the lengths to which we go to painstakingly select each of the wide variety of recently harvested coffee lots that we offer; our precision approach to roasting it and our laser-like focus on delivering it to you at peak freshness. While no one element of this process is unique, few other roasters in the country can boast of bringing them all together in one place.

Why have we adopted this admittedly labor intensive approach?

Because coffee, in every state of its existence, is a dynamic product, always morphing from one state to another. From when it is harvested to roasted to brewed, it is a different product week-to-week, day-to-day and minute-to-minute. We reject the idea of the perfect cup of coffee, because no one moment in time can reflect the evolving spectrum of flavors that a great of coffee exhibits. It is always changing. In each bean, there is constantly something new to discover.

That is what makes the experience of drinking a great cup of coffee impossible to simply sum up with words.

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