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How do you ship your coffee?

We generally use the US Postal Service. We try to ship most orders the day we receive it, but based on our roasting schedule, we may ship it the following day so you get the freshest beans. We generate our shipping labels on the day we ship the coffee, although USPS does not always acknowledge receiving packages the same day we drop them at the post office.

For orders inside DC, we use near.delivery so you get your order the same day. You can also order directly on their website.


How do I order coffee for pickup in Petworth or Eckington?

Both stores are now open Tuesday through Sunday. Please note that our Petworth location is currently operating as a pop-up bar inside Commonwealth Cantina (right next door). You can order ahead at qualia.coffee.


Are you hiring?


We are always looking for good folks who love coffee and our community. Please find our application form here.


Do you offer your beans for wholesale?

Short answer is no. Longer answer is that we have chosen to focus on coffee as produce and the best way to manage the freshness of that produce is to sell it directly to the home user. 

While it is true there are many fine wholesale coffee roasters out there, we believe that none of them offer the combination of selection and freshness that we can. However, we are now offering custom-label and contract roasting services. Please feel free to contact us through this page for more information.



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